Casagrande AG

A family run business built for you. Casagrande AG.

The company Casagrande AG has its roots in 1948 when Carlo and Kyra Casagrande-Marsh opened their first gift store at Hertensteinstrasse 35 in Lucerne. More than half a century has passed, yet the main focus remains on our customers needs.

Since 1977, the team works under the leadership of the two Casagrande brothers: John and Robert. John is in charge of finances, information systems and the general administration. Robert represents the company towards media, suppliers and the politics and is responsible for human resources. But, the two brothers are not the only family members, that work for the family business. Since 2006, Raffael, son of John, follows in his fathers footsteps by developping the new planning software and brings in his know-how of business administration that way. Everyone is contributing their part, helping to continue the legacy of Carlo and Kyra.